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Last Time I Tried That, the Other Girl and I Both Ended Up with Concussions

(women’s restroom, a man in a Santa suit enters)
Drunk woman: Hey, you’re not a boy!
Restroom attendant: You mean he’s not a girl.
Drunk woman: Yeah, you’re not a girl!
Drunk Santa: Ho ho ho, ladies! I just wanted to see what you wanted for Christmas!
Drunk woman: Huh?
Restroom attendant: I want money, haha!
Drunk Santa: Then cross your labia, ladies, and merry Christmas!
(he leaves)
Drunk woman: Wait, what?

Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: Elizabeth

No Wonder I Keep Passing Out!

Girl in bathroom stall #1: I have really exciting news!
Girl in bathroom stall #2: You just saved a bunch of money on your car insurance?
Girl in bathroom stall #1: No. When I bought these pants they fit, and now they are too big! I’ve been trying to lose some weight.
Girl in bathroom stall #2: That’s great! What size are they?
Girl in bathroom stall #1: Ummm… 25s.
Girl in bathroom stall #2: That’s like a size zero. Why are you trying to lose weight?
Girl in bathroom stall #1: Oh, is that too small or something?

Restaurant Bathroom
Boston, Massachusetts