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Sidesad­dle, If She Liked

Young suit #1: I’d to­tal­ly ride her.
Young suit #2: Her!?
Young suit #1: Yeah, what’s up with her? She’s very pleas­ant-look­ing.
Young suit #2: My point ex­act­ly. You don’t “to­tal­ly ride” (makes air quotes) some­one who’s pleas­ant-look­ing.
Young suit #1: Fair enough. (pause) Okay then, I’d to­tal­ly let her ride me.
Young suit #2: Yeah, me too.

Sub­way Sand­wich Shop

With­out a Rich Fan­ta­sy Life, Scots Would All Com­mit Sui­cide

Teenage girl: What are you do­ing here?
20-some­thing girl: Came to get some lighters be­cause I lost mine.
Teenage girl, af­ter a mo­ment: Your vir­gin­i­ty?
20-some­thing girl, slow­ly: No, my lighters…you just choose what you want to hear and make up the rest, don’t you?
Teenage girl: Yeah.

Unit­ed King­dom

Over­heard by: Jen