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In­stead, I’ll Dis­cuss Your Pain With This Com­plete Stranger

Boyfriend to gas sta­tion at­ten­dant: She slept with the en­tire foot­ball team in high school.
Girl­friend: Maybe, but I still would­n’t have slept with you.
Boyfriend: Yeah? Re­al­ly? How’s your butt feel? Ha! I haven’t even told my friends about that yet!

Rich­mond, Vir­ginia

Is That a Ba­by Bird in Your Bangs?

30-some­thing #1: Last night I was brush­ing my hair, cause you know I haven’t owned a hair brush in a year… And all these sticks and grass and dirt kept falling out.
30-some­thing #2: You are a dirty hip­pie, you need to use some soap!
30-some­thing #1: I don’t like la­bels, man. I don’t have soap.
30-some­thing #2: True, man, la­bels are whack. But dude, you smell.

New Mex­i­co

Over­heard by: Alex