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Way to Be Empathetic, Bitch

College girl #1: You know how you tell yourself, ‘It’s okay to spend a lot of money on clothes, because then I won’t have enough money to buy food so I’ll be able to fit into my clothes’?
College girl #2: I never tell myself that.
College girl #1: Oh. Well, I do.

Newbury Street boutique
Boston, Massachusetts

Hmmm… Ulysses. That Sounds Good.

Sorostitute #1: Yeah, the handbook says I can either take two foreign language classes or two literature classes… So, like, I took the literature classes because, like, at least I can read that, y’know?
Sorostitute #2: So true…

Patterson School of Accountancy, University of Mississippi
University, Mississippi

I Had a Roommate Who Bleached the Bathroom Three Times a Week. True Story

Chick on cell phone: My roommate was rolling a lint roller all over her head for like ten minutes and finally I was like: “What the fuck are you doing? You’re gonna pull all your hair out!” … Haha yeah… She threatened to kill me if I asked her anymore questions… She probably watches me sleep.

UB Bus
Buffalo, New York