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I've Been Waiting for the Perfect Time to Share That with You.

Sorority girl #1: Are you gonna go?
Sorority girl #2: Like, I don't know. Like, I think I'm gonna go.
Sorority girl #3: Like, I think I'm gonna go, but like I don't know yet.
Sorority girl #2: Oh my god, like after I came back from Vegas, I gained some weight, so like I took Adderall for like two days!

Austin, Texas

Pat’s Her Dustbuster

Sorority chick #1: Pat* and I hooked up last night, and now I have a hickey…
Sorority chick #2: What is he, in junior high? I didn’t know people still did that.

Colgate University
Hamilton, New York

Overheard by: Evie