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I Did­n’t Drop the Oth­er One on the Floor

Dude, ap­proach­ing ta­ble of peo­ple: Ex­cuse me? Hi, I no­ticed you put your sal­ad in the mi­crowave, and I was just won­der­ing… Why?
Asian guy: Why not?
Dude: Well, it’s just… you had two… And you did­n’t put the oth­er one in… I have to know!

Over­heard by: a’­da

I’ll Stick to My Pla­cen­ta Face-Cream, Thank You Very Much

Male wed­ding-go­er to fe­male wed­ding-go­er: Oh, you guys work here? Ex­cel­lent! My sis­ter’s hus­band, oh, I mean my broth­er-in-law, sells se­men. Bull se­men.

Over­heard by: best pick-up line ever