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At Least in My Case

Female law student #1: You don't have to know that. You can just 69 it.
Female law student #2: Wait… What?
Female law student #1: You know, 69 it. Get rid of it.
Female law student #2: No honey, it's “86” it. That thing you said is something dirty.

Mississippi College School of Law

Anybody Have Any Bread?

(student coughs violently into hands, spewing fake blood)
Lit professor: Oh my god! Are you okay?
Student: (coughing up more blood) Can I go to the bathroom?
Lit professor: Oh my god, go, go!
(student leaves)
Lit professor: (realizing it’s April 1st) Haha… His consumption smells like raspberries.

Colorado University, Boulder

Overheard by: In the back of the classroom