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I Never Know What the Hell I’m Upset About

Teenybopper #1: Oooh, look at the nail polish I just got!
Teenybopper #2: I never use Sally Hansen nail polish anymore, because they test on animals.
Teenybopper #1: Really? What does that even mean?
Teenybopper #2: I don’t know. Something about pigs, I think…

Ottawa, Ontario

Overheard by: EL

Pita Chips Have Thrown Canadia Into Confusion

Brunette girl: I love whole wheat nachos.
Blonde girl: They should make whole wheat potato chips.
Brunette girl: Ohmigod! You're serious? There is no such thing as a whole wheat potato! (laughter)
Blonde girl: Wow! I am really not that dumb.

Nova Scotia

Overheard by: nicole

Ooo, What About an Intravenous Drip Filled with Cosmo?

Girl #1: I am so excited for the Sex and the City movie!
Girl #2: Me too! We should go out for drinks before the movie. Not too many cuz then we will have to take potty brakes during the movie and I don't want to miss anything!
Girl #1: Oh, good call, maybe we should wear diapers. I would totally wear a diaper for this movie!
Girl #2: Totally!

Peoria, Illinois