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Judge the Ger­mans.

Moth­er: Where’s Ger­many?
Daugh­ter: There. (points it out on map)
Moth­er: That’s not Ger­many! That’s Ger­many! (points to Africa)
Daugh­ter: What? Mom, that’s Africa. (points to Ger­many again) This is Ger­many. And this is Eu­rope…
Mom: Oh.
Daugh­ter: Holy shit, mom.
Mom: Don’t judge me!

Ren­ton, Wash­ing­ton

Tigers See Right through That Psy­chob­a­b­ble

Boy to girl who’s just pre­sent­ed her cur­rent event: Your shoe is un­tied.
Fe­male class­mate: Way to pay at­ten­tion!
Boy: You know, I was just try­ing to be a friend and tell her so she does­n’t trip and fall or some­thing.
Fe­male class­mate: Freud would say oth­er­wise.
Teacher: Freud would say oth­er­wise.
Boy: Yeah, yeah.
Teacher: Do you even know who Freud is?
Boy: Yeah, yeah, the big white tigers — I get it.

Memo­r­i­al High School
Man­ches­ter, New Hamp­shire

Over­heard by: Lily F.

Fowl Be­hav­ior?

Woman: So, I want a small frozen turkey.
Meat guy: Okay, just right over here.
Woman: Ewww… What’s wrong with this one?
Meat guy: Sor­ry?
Woman: Well, is some­thing miss­ing?
Meat guy: Um… No.
Woman: Well, what is this “grain fed” busi­ness??
Meat guy: Oh, that means it’s fed with grains.
Woman: Oh! (picks up turkey and leaves)

Gro­cery Store

Over­heard by: Matt C