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Happy Hour Starts in 15 Minutes

Professor: Okay, let’s review. What’s it called when you put geological events in sequential order?
Basketball star #1: Calligraphy!
Basketball star #2: Naw dude, that’s writing.
Basketball star #1: Oh yeah…that’s what the Egyptians did, huh?
Basketball star #2: Naw, that’s hieroglyphics, man.
Professor: The answer is “stratigraphy.” Let’s move on quickly.

Geology 101
Mesa, Arizona

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You Know, the Old Testament God Is a Real Dick

Art history TA: This print depicts the sacrifice of Isaac, which is a biblical story where God told Abraham to kill his first-born son.
Bimbette: Oh. My. God. That’s… terrible! That’s almost as bad as a girl telling her boyfriend that he needs to get rid of his dog because she’s allergic.‑2.html

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