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She Can Enlighten Me Anytime!

Asian Visual Studies professor: Why is the lotus flower significant in Buddhist art? The lotus comes from this muddy, icky swamp water, and then it pops up and blooms really big and it’s just beautiful, and you can’t believe something so beautiful could have come from this ugly place — it’s sort of like Liv Tyler, actually.

Santa Cruz, California

When the Hudson Brothers Won the Nobel Gay Prize

World History teacher: The Nazis imprisoned more people than just the Jews — handicapped people, homosexuals–
Bimbette, interrupting: –They had homos back then? I thought they didn’t invent that until, like, the ’70s.

Osbourn High School
Manassas, Virginia

Overheard by: This is the last time I take a class that isn’t Honors

Ah Well, You Can Always Become President.

Professor: Isaac Newton, on his deathbed, was proud to announce that he was a virgin. So if any of you want to be famous scientists, you are going to have to be willing to make a few sacrifices.
Girl, raising hand: Um.
Professor: Oh, is it too late?

De Anza Community College
Cupertino, California

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