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If You’d Like to Know How Sound Car­ries, Con­sult the School Nurse

Bi­ol­o­gy teacher: [bad­ly draws a woman singing in­to a mi­cro­phone, which looks sus­pi­cious­ly like a woman about to give head] If you take this, for ex­am­ple…
[class laughs]Biology teacher: [steps away from board and sees what class is laugh­ing about] Uh…[erases draw­ing]… We’re just not go­ing to draw to­day.


But You’re Our Span­ish Teacher

White teacher: Time to yell grades! These are the good ones: Smith, Jame­son, De-Je­sus…
Asian kid, whis­per­ing to friend: Is­n’t it sup­posed to be De­ge­sis?
White kid, to teacher: Did you just say ‘De-Je­sus’?
White teacher: I’m white.

Co­lum­bia, New York

Over­heard by: Fa­ther Ser­aph