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So “Lehman” Is Out?

Big-haired moth­er to friends: I like what Sarah Palin did with her kids’ names. I mean, I want to give my kids names that are cool, but noth­ing that would, you know, pre­vent them from be­ing busi­ness ma­jors.

San An­to­nio, Texas

Over­heard by: An East Coast Elit­ist

It All Start­ed When I Tried to Sep­a­rate the Laun­dry…

Prep­py teenage girl #1, be­fore Sex and the City movie: Oh! I heard that Jen­nifer He­witt is in this movie!
Prep­py teenage girl #2: No, it’s Jen­nifer Hud­son.
Prep­py teenage girl #1: Whats the dif­fer­ence?
Prep­py teenage girl #2: Jen­nifer He­witt is the white ac­tress who made a CD and can’t sing and was in the Garfield movie. Jen­nifer Hud­son is the black girl from Amer­i­can Idol who won an Os­car for that movie with Be­y­once.
Prep­py teenage girl #1: Are ei­ther one of them singing in this movie?
Prep­py teenage girl #2: I don’t know.
(long pause)
Prep­py teenage girl #3: Speak­ing of black peo­ple, I got in trou­ble for be­ing racist at work to­day.

Plano, Texas

Her “Ex­tra Help Ses­sions” Are Well-At­tend­ed

LSAT in­struc­tor: So, these fe­male sage grouse do a vi­su­al in­spec­tion to make sure the males don’t have an in­fec­tion be­fore mat­ing. If I had the same at­ten­tion to de­tail, maybe I would­n’t have got­ten chlamy­dia three times.

Ft. Worth, Texas

Over­heard by: Not So Hot For Teacher

Is­n’t Say­ing “We’re Texas Luther­ans” Suf­fi­cient?

Pro­fes­sor: Every­one who thinks it’s this an­swer jump up and say, “I’m bril­liant!”
(no­body moves)
Pro­fes­sor: Every­one who thinks it’s this an­swer jump up and say, “I’m not so bril­liant, yet.”
(no­body moves)
Pro­fes­sor: Every­one else jump up and say, “I’m in­hib­it­ed!”

Or­gan­ic Chem­istry Class
Texas Luther­an Uni­ver­si­ty

Over­heard by: Kim­ber­ly