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The Cor­rect An­swer: What­ev­er You Want — I Love You

Woman: I told you, I will not use Downy fab­ric soft­en­er ever again. Pick some­thing else!
Boyfriend: What? ‘Cause it says ‘April Fresh’? Oh, come on!
Woman: I don’t want any­thing with your ex-girl­friend’s name on it. I’m not gonna be re­mind­ed of April every damn time I do laun­dry.

Big 8 Gro­cery Store
El Pa­so, Texas

I’ve Been Wait­ing for the Per­fect Time to Share That with You.

Soror­i­ty girl #1: Are you gonna go?
Soror­i­ty girl #2: Like, I don’t know. Like, I think I’m gonna go.
Soror­i­ty girl #3: Like, I think I’m gonna go, but like I don’t know yet.
Soror­i­ty girl #2: Oh my god, like af­ter I came back from Ve­gas, I gained some weight, so like I took Adder­all for like two days!

Austin, Texas