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Former Kindergarten Teachers Make Quite Efficient Hobos

Hobo #1, holding sneaker, to another: Put that shoe on!
Hobo #2: Man, I don’t want to sweat in the shoe. That’ll make my feet stink!
Hobo #1: Man, what the fuck you worried about? Your feet already stink. I can smell them from here. Those people can smell them from here. Now put on your goddamn shoes and tie that shit up tight. No one wants to smell what you got. Now I’m going to stand here and watch you tie those shoes for the good of everyone on this train.
(others on train applaud)

Atlanta, Georgia

Overheard by: Finally, a humanitarian homeless man

Some S’more Than Others

Handsome guy: He’s always speaking in code, like “my son’s so flaming he could toast a marshmallow,” or “my son’s so flaming he has toasted a marshmallow,” which I don’t really get, because everyone toasts marshmallows.

MetroNorth Train

On the Plus Side, We’ve Finally Found a Decent Place for Our Slip-n-Slide

Loud woman on phone: I was at the funeral on Wednesday and Melvin was sitting in the pew behind me. Halfway through the ceremony he leans forward and goes: “We’re at the wrong funeral!” So we had to get up and find the right one. When we got there, the hill was so steep the hearse couldn’t get up the hill! It was awful!