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That’s the Foun­tain on the Right

Loud guy in restau­rant: So, we were out shop­ping and there were all these women in burkas tak­ing pic­tures of each oth­er. How fuck­ing point­less is that? It’s not like they’re go­ing to look back af­ter­wards and go, ‘Oh, look, there’s Doris by the foun­tain!’


To Er­rol Is Hu­man. My Dick: Di­vine.

Greek girl­friend: She miss­es you ba­by.
Eng­lish boyfriend: Hm?
Greek girl­friend: She miss­es you.
Eng­lish boyfriend: Who miss­es me?
Greek girl­friend: He­le­na.
Eng­lish boyfriend: Who’s He­le­na?
Greek girl­friend: My vagi­na, ba­by.
In­di­an guy at ta­ble: You named your snatch He­le­na?! Re­al­ly? You named your vagi­na?
Greek girl­friend: Sure, don’t you have a name for your dick?
In­di­an guy and Eng­lish boyfriend, at same time: No.
Greek girl­friend: I’ve al­ways thought of your dick as be­ing called Er­rol, ba­by.

Leam­ing­ton Spa

Over­heard by: Bleep