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The Rare Com­bi­na­tion Of Stu­pid and Geeky

GameStop em­ploy­ee #1: No, dude, I swear, Puer­to Ri­co was the 48th state.
GameStop em­ploy­ee #2: No it’s not, dum­my! Puer­to Ri­co is not the 48th state. It was the 49th!
GameStop em­ploy­ee #1: Well, why don’t I just look it up on my cell phone, I bet I’ll prove you wrong. How do you spell “Puer­to Ri­co”?
GameStop em­ploy­ee #2: P‑o-r-t‑o R‑e-e-c‑o?

Flem­ing Is­land, Flori­da