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I Don’t Know– Are You Think­ing Of Ask­ing Me to Prom?

Sane-look­ing girl: Okay, so let’s say that your boyfriend died a while back, right? Then he comes back as a zom­bie, like a re­al walk­ing corpse. But he does­n’t want to eat your brains or any­thing, he just wants to grad­u­ate high school and be your boyfriend again so he can go to prom with you. So, do you take him back?
Boy: Um… Has this ac­tu­al­ly hap­pened to you?

High School Cafe­te­ria
West Vir­ginia

…and Rent All the Cool Cars

Lit­tle girl: (talk­ing over air­port an­nounce­ment)
Fa­ther: Qui­et for a sec­ond!
Girl: (con­tin­ues talk­ing un­til an­nounce­ment is over)
Fa­ther: Great. What if he was say­ing “Run! Zom­bies!”? We’ll be sit­ting here like id­iots while the zom­bies come…

O’Hare Air­port
Chica­go, Illi­nois