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Not Really — Your Hair Looks Like Shit

Fashionista: Why are you so late?
Queer in hat: I ran out of money and had to give the cabbie a blowjob to pay the fare.
Fashionista: Oh my god! Really?!
Queer in hat: No. I had a hair emergency… But wasn’t that a much better answer?

Ellus fashion show line
São Paulo

Yeah — Titles Are Hard

20-ish girl: So, I was thinking of ‘Liberty and Justice for Balls.‘
20-ish guy: Liberty and justice for balls?
20-ish girl: Yeah, I was trying to think of a paper title.

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Who Among Us Hasn’t Considered It?

Girl, about sister’s boyfriends: That was Bob* — he wanted to marry her.
Guy: Bob was kinda creepy.
Girl: Bob was not creepy! He had a job.
Guy: If that’s your only qualification for ‘not creepy’–
Girl: –He just faked his own death. But he got it out of his system — he won’t do it again.


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