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Get­ting Sober Has Been a Mixed Bless­ing

Girl on cell: I mean, if I was a fresh­man I would’ve been all over him, but I’m not any­more and it sucks. Now I’m all para­noid about dis­eases and stuff, and I can’t just do what­ev­er I want — I ac­tu­al­ly have to think about things.

Over­heard by: glad­im­no­to­ne­ofthose

And No Zip­pers!

Lit­tle boy look­ing at swim trunks: I can’t get one with a small hole be­cause my pe­nis gets stuck!

Tempe, Ari­zona

You Have to Do a Stu­pid Thing Six Hun­dred Times be­fore It Kills You

Smok­ing of­fice la­dy to oth­ers: She gets up on her roof, strips down, and just bakes in the sun. She thinks that just be­cause she goes to the der­ma­tol­o­gist once a month she’s not go­ing to get can­cer. [Takes a long drag] What a re­tard!

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