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How Structural Engineers Unwind

Girl: That orgy was like Legos — anyone and everyone on top of each other! You didn’t know what was what, who was who, where someone began or where did they end. It was just a big pile of human building blocks of pleasure.

Wonka Bar

So Much Easier to Imagine What Economics Might Be

Northeastern University girl: I’m so nervous about that Economics test…
Northeastern University guy: Oh, that? That class is so easy. You just have to go to class.
Northeastern University girl: See, if I go to class, I get confused and don’t get it, so I don’t bother going anymore.

39 bus
Boston, Massachusetts

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We Now Present the Rules of Going Balls to the Wall

Computer science kid on phone: No, do the balls first, then the walls… Yes, the balls — do the balls. No, not walls first… Balls! Do balls first! Then you can check to see if they get moved and get larger. Yes, you want large balls, so do the balls first!

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