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I Knew I Should’ve Let the Doc­tor Keep You a Girl

Moth­er to ten-year-old son at su­per­mar­ket check-out queue: And then we’ll go and look for a dress for me.
Ten-year-old son: I’m not go­ing clothes shop­ping with you. You go in every shop, you try every­thing on, you nev­er like any­thing and come home with noth­ing and I’m not stand­ing around wait­ing!
[All male mem­bers of the queue cheer.]


Looks Who’s Talk­ing, Mis­ter “The-Pi­rate-Movie-Was-Rat­ed-Ar­rr”

Guy #1: What did the bear say when he walked in­to the bar?
Guy #2: [Blank stare.]
Guy #1: Roar­rrr. He’s a fuck­ing bear, what else would he say! [Laughs out loud.]Guy #2: I haven’t seen you in two months, and this is what you start with? You are a fuck­ing id­iot.

Du­luth, Min­neso­ta

Over­heard by: Am­ber