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Card: I Miss You, Baby, in My Bed/ I Miss My Liver, ’cause It’s Dead

Girl: So I asked him: “When are you going to come back for a reunion? I miss you!” and he was like: “I miss you so much I’ve had to replace you with alcohol.” That’s like, the biggest, best compliment ever! They should make a Hallmark card that says that.

West Lafayette, Indianapolis

Overheard by: Kolja

Lady, You Live in the Wrong Fucking State

Older woman working out with personal trainer: I’m almost 70 years old. Ask me how much I care how I look. I don’t even have a mirror in my bathroom. I was just interested in a chemical peel. They wanted to roll my skin up over my head, take out the fat, then roll it down again, not to mention take out my liver and kidney. And the woman that’s dragging me around to this stuff? She’s a gusher. I hate gushers. She says: “We’ll go through this together”. She says: “Ask the gods.” Can you imagine me asking the gods for a facelift? What blasphemy. She says: “Tell me about yourself”. I say: “You mean the heroin addiction?” She says: “Really?” I say: “Yeah, it was after my two daughters were born, when I started robbing banks to support us.” Honestly, everything has to be so sordid before someone will listen to you. You have to have an incestuous affair or something. When in reality, I work all day, then come home and watch TV like the rest of the human race.

Women’s gym
Studio City, California

Overheard by: Trying not to howl with laughter