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Any Ques­tions?

Pro­fes­sor: All the cra­zies kept mov­ing from the East Coast to the west un­til they hit Cal­i­for­nia. Some moved back to Ok­la­homa, but the rest of us just hope there’s an earth­quake and Cal­i­for­nia floats off in­to the Mediter­ranean to be­come a home­land for Pales­tini­ans.

Car­roll Col­lege
Wauke­sha, Wis­con­sin

Over­heard by: Abbey

And We’ve Got This Whole Text­book for the Class to Share

(math test is in­ter­rupt­ed by a loud con­struc­tion drill in the next room).
Stu­dent: Oh my god, I can’t take this test any­more! Can you tell them to stop, please?!
Teacher: Heh… At least there aren’t bul­lets fly­ing over your head.

Con­cord High School

Over­heard by: When I was in Viet­nam