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Turned Out She Did­n’t Feel Breeze

Girl #1: Uhh…is some­one gonna tell girl­friend over there her g‑string is show­ing?
Girl #2: How does she not know? I don’t know about every­one else, but I feel breeze!
Girl #1: I feel breeze!
Girl #2: Can’t she feel breeze?
Girl #1: She has to feel breeze!

Over­heard by: Ian

A Woman With a Full Blad­der Stops Be­liev­ing in Mul­ti­task­ing

(in the ladies’ re­stroom, af­ter see­ing cam­era flash from in­side a stall)
An­gry blonde in line: Oh, come on! There’s a whole line of peo­ple out here who have to pee, and you twits are in there tak­ing fuck­ing pic­tures for your damn My­Space pages.
Two girls in one stall: We’re just pee­ing.
An­gry blonde, to no one in par­tic­u­lar: Who the hell takes pic­tures of them­selves on the damn toi­let any­way? I can just see the cap­tion on that one… “Night at Zen, usin’ the pot­ty.” Jeez!
(the two girls come out of the stall, ob­vi­ous­ly offended…in full 80s garb).
An­gry blonde: Bwaaah­h­haaaaa hh­haaaa hh­haaaa, (dead­pan) Fuck­ing losers!

Zen Night Club
Ad­di­son, Texas

Over­heard by: If she had­n’t said it, I would have