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His Farts Are Delicately Scented With Botanicals

Guy to girl: So you heard about Dave, right? His girlfriend broke up with him last night. He got completely wasted and tried to kill himself by drinking a bottle of shampoo.
Girl: Oh my god! Is he okay?
Guy: Yeah, turns out you cant kill yourself by drinking shampoo. We’re calling him “bubbles” now. He’ll never live this down.

Lockport, New York

Overheard by: evan

If Only There Were Some Way to Limit How Many Can Register

Professor #1: Trying to crowd thirty-two students into a space meant for sixteen just isn’t working.
Professor #2: Oh, really?
Professor #1: Is it at all possible to have the room reassigned without wading through the bureaucracy?
Professor #2: No, and that’s why I always assign the thickest and most difficult readings in the first two weeks.

Overheard by: Ian