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When I Went Into Insulin Shock, the Joke Was on Her!

Loud fat man on bus: When I first found out I had diabetes, I had my wife go out and buy me a big case of pudding cups. I opened each one up and poured them into a tub with some milk.
Friend: Oh?
Loud fat man on bus: My mother-in-law didn’t believe I could eat it, but I sat down in front of her and drank the whole thing, just to spite her.

Portland, Oregon

You Realize That Means “Highly Pleasant to the Taste or Smell”?

Black girl #1: Girl, it is freezing outside.
Black girl #2: Girl, I know, right?
Black girl #1: Nigga, you know what? I don’t have any blood, and since I don’t have blood I turn blue all over. All the blood I do have is in my ass, because it is so luscious.
Black girl #2: Oh, nigga, I know that is right!

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

And She’d Squirtle in Her Pants

Girl #1: Okay, so my sister was watching Pokemon the other day, and asked me a question about it, and I don’t know what to tell her.
Girl #2: Well, what is it?
Girl #1: She was wondering, since there are no animals in the show, like cows or anything, if when they ate meat they were eating Pokemon.
Girl #2: Don’t tell her the truth, it’ll break her nerdy little heart.