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…After What Happened Last Time?

Sober sorostitute with heavy smoker’s voice: Like o‑m-g, I just decided on my Halloween costume!
Drunk sorostitute, stamping feet: Oh my god! What?! What what what?
Sober sorostitute: Wait for it…wait for it… Little ho peep!
Drunk sorostitute: Can we have sex with the little ho sheep?

Duke University
Durham, North Carolina

Overheard by: Disgusted

Just a Bit Self-Conscious About His Baby-Carrot Penis

Blonde: So this guy was hitting on me and he was like, “so, do you have a boyfriend?” and I was like, “ummm, yeah.” It was really creepy. I was like, “oh my god, I can not tell my boyfriend about this!” I mean, normally he wouldn’t really care, but (looks around and lowers voice) this guy was black, so I think my boyfriend might flip. I mean, not that he’s racist or anything.

Penn Tech
Williamsport, Pennsylvania