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More Im­por­tant Than You Knew

Brazil­ian guy to Amer­i­can: Pleeeeeaaase? Say it. Say it. Say “fuck­er de ma­triz” in Eng­lish.
Brazil­ian girl­friend: He wants you to say (whis­pers) “moth­er­fuck­er”.
Amer­i­can guy: Okay. (bland­ly) Moth­er­fuck­er.
Brazil­ian guy: No! Like an Amer­i­can, please!
Amer­i­can guy: Huh? Oh, “mutha­fuc­ka!“
Brazil­ian guy, laugh­ing gid­di­ly and clap­ping: Yes! Yes! Mutha­fuc­ka, ex­cel­lent!

ViaRail Train

Over­heard by: Jim

Some Les­bians Are More Con­vinc­ing with Their Beards Than Oth­ers

Girl #1: Are you still go­ing out with that guy you were with back in April?
Girl #2: (blank stare)
Girl #1: The one you were liv­ing with?
Girl #2: (blank stare)
Girl #1: The one with the dog?
Girl #2: (blank stare)
Girl #1: Lit­tle black dog?
Girl #2: Oh, Jack! Yeah, we’re still to­geth­er.

Seat­tle, Wash­ing­ton

Over­heard by: Zoe