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Next Step: Getting Rid Of This Mullet

Woman #1, watching hobo in a dress: You know, I finally feel like I’m a metropolitan woman.
Woman #2: Why? Gotten used to the traffic, crowds, pollution and public transportation?
Woman #1: Well, yeah, but that’s not why. See that guy in that dress over there? When I first came to the city, I would have been amused or shocked to see something like that. Now, my first reaction is: “Those shoes and socks don’t go with that dress – and Macy’s isn’t that far away. Dude, go get some pumps!” I mean, how often do you think I would have thought to say “dude, go get some pumps” when I was still living in Ohio? I’m living the dream!

Financial District
San Francisco, California

Overheard by: And the jacket didn’t match either