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The Whole Thing Smacks Of Ef­fort

Hip­ster chick to hip­ster dude: If you could do any pro­fes­sion, what would you do? Like, if you gave your whole self to some­thing?
Hip­ster dude: I don’t know.
Hip­ster girl: I would be a tree sur­geon.
Hip­ster dude: What’s that?
Hip­ster girl: Like, it’s an en­vi­ron­men­tal way to trim trees. I would go around climb­ing trees all day and snip­ping them, and like, live in the for­est. But I prob­a­bly won’t do that.
Hip­ster dude: Oh.

Chapel Hill, North Car­oli­na

In Hind­sight, the Bible Could Have Been a Lot Worse

Young teenage girl with pink fur­ry boots, rain­bow hair, and sev­en fa­cial pierc­ings: Hey, if you were god, what would you do?
Young teenage boy with shag­gy hair, ac­ne, and a lit­tle boy face: I’d kill my fos­ter par­ents.
Young teenage girl, to­tal­ly ig­nor­ing her friend’s re­sponse: I would to­tal­ly make the world flat, so we could trav­el just by fold­ing it in half. Imag­ine how much time and mon­ey I would save every­one!

Packed Train dur­ing Rush Hour
Cal­gary, Al­ber­ta