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He Just Sings Instead Of Talking

Female student to friend at bus stop: So, he was, like, freakishly quiet, but every now and then he would bust out with something that, you know, we would say, you know, like, (bursts into song) “Do you like waffles? Yeah, I like waffles!” (in normal voice) And, you know, I would be, like, “Woah! He is a real person.”

University of Oklahoma

Overheard by: becauseobviouslyallnormalpeoplelikewaffles

…Even When He Shouted Out My Name As He Was Finishing.

Guy: Well, I mean the sun was coming up, and we went and got sandwiches afterwards, and rolled another joint.
Bemused girl: All this is setting the scene nicely, but it doesn’t explain how you ended up masturbating on a school roof together.
Guy: We were twenty feet apart with our backs to each other, it wasn’t gay or anything!