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The Most Exciting Thing That’s Happened in Tukwila, Washington in Years

Man on cell in line at bank, clearly agitated: After what happened last time, you expect me to do that? (pause) What? I can’t work with that! (dead silence, then yelling) Look, you motherfucker… I know what the goddamn price of heroin is, and that’s not it! (runs away from bank, gets on his 745 BMW)
Customer in line: Did he just say what I think he said?
Teller: I totally heard “heroin.”

Tukwila, Washington

And I Just Took a Tab Of E=mc2

Girlfriend: I’m gonna grab a beer, you want anything?
Boyfriend: Uhhh, not now. I’ve got to be a penny-pincher.
Girlfriend, laughing at own comment: Maybe you ought to pinch it so hard it turns into a dollar.
Boyfriend: That’s stupid. That doesn’t make sense. How would that even happen?
Girlfriend, indignant: I don’t know! I’m a physicist, not a scientist!


Overheard by: Feynman