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The Most Ex­cit­ing Thing That’s Hap­pened in Tuk­wila, Wash­ing­ton in Years

Man on cell in line at bank, clear­ly ag­i­tat­ed: Af­ter what hap­pened last time, you ex­pect me to do that? (pause) What? I can’t work with that! (dead si­lence, then yelling) Look, you moth­er­fuck­er… I know what the god­damn price of hero­in is, and that’s not it! (runs away from bank, gets on his 745 BMW)
Cus­tomer in line: Did he just say what I think he said?
Teller: I to­tal­ly heard “hero­in.”

Tuk­wila, Wash­ing­ton

And I Just Took a Tab Of E=mc2

Girl­friend: I’m gonna grab a beer, you want any­thing?
Boyfriend: Uh­hh, not now. I’ve got to be a pen­ny-pinch­er.
Girl­friend, laugh­ing at own com­ment: Maybe you ought to pinch it so hard it turns in­to a dol­lar.
Boyfriend: That’s stu­pid. That does­n’t make sense. How would that even hap­pen?
Girl­friend, in­dig­nant: I don’t know! I’m a physi­cist, not a sci­en­tist!


Over­heard by: Feyn­man