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Why the Gays Should Run the World

Delightfully gay and snarky flight attendant: Now, ladies, I am impressed with your Louis Vuitton and your coach. I adore your Prada and your Gucci. They are beautiful. But I will be more impressed with all of your bags if you stow them under the seat while we are landing. Now sit back and shut up.
(five minutes later, while plane is taxiing)
Delightfully gay and snarky flight attendant: We are finally here. So please, exit the plane a lot quicker than you boarded it. (plane stops, parks at gate) Get out.

Midway Airport
Chicago, Illinois

And Snooki Doesn’t Care Who Knows It

Guy: You have a hole in your pants.
Girl: I know.
Guy, after pause: Nice underwear.
Girl’s boyfriend: Yeah, she always has nice underwear…

New Jersey