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For the Last Time, It Was a Freak Weld­ing Ac­ci­dent!

Guy on cell: Yeah, I get scared when you turn out the lights. (pause) That’s not gay. (pause) It’s not gay when “turn­ing out the lights” means putting your hands over my eyes while we’re test-dri­ving a car that’s worth more than your sis­ter’s gold plat­ed vah­jay!

George Ma­son Uni­ver­si­ty

Over­heard by: Your sis­ter won

Now No One Can See My Tears

Emo teen boy #1 on white­wa­ter raft ride: This ride is fuck­ing shit! My shoes are like to­tal­ly get­ting soaked.
Emo teen boy #2: It’s get­ting in your hair.
(emo teen boy #1 pulls sin­glet over hair to pro­tect it from the wa­ter)
Emo teen boy #3: Yeah, it’s go­ing all fucked.
Emo teen boy #1: No fuck­ing way, it took us so long to straight­en our hair this morn­ing! This ride is fuck­ing shit! Why is there so much wa­ter?!


Over­heard by: Dy­lan