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Why Chris­t­ian Siri­ano Has Dif­fi­cul­ty Get­ting Dates

Col­lege girl: We blew a fuse in our room last night. Just in our room, not the rest of the hall.
Sci­ence pro­fes­sor: And what did you do to solve this prob­lem?
Col­lege girl: I cried.
Pro­fes­sor: That does­n’t solve the prob­lem!
Col­lege girl: Well, half of my hair was dry and the oth­er half was­n’t!
Pro­fes­sor: You were not bi­lat­er­al­ly sym­met­ri­cal. That can be a prob­lem.

Keu­ka Col­lege
New York

Over­heard by: Rachel Bz.

And I’m Wash­ing It Down with Lax­a­tives!

Mod­el scout, hand­ing out card to hot tall teen: I know you’re prob­a­bly mod­el­ing al­ready, but take my card any­way.
Short­er teen girl to friend, af­ter scout has left: Fuck you. The on­ly rea­son he gave you his card in­stead of me was be­cause I’m eat­ing a cook­ie. But it’s the on­ly thing I’ve had to eat to­day!

Stu­dio City, Cal­i­for­nia

Over­heard by: Urz