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And Don’t Even Get Me Started on Mullets.

Loud black guy at pharmacy counter to friend: You know why they got that, right? (points to sign about restrictions on liquid cough medicine sales) Cos people are using them to make methamphetamine. Mm-hmm, if you mix that up you can make methamphetamine. (looks around, whispers to friend, they laugh) You don’t see any brothers doing that shit, that’s all I’m saying.

New Rochelle, New York

The Curse Of IHOP

Man: There’s Tucson for you, turning a great burger joint into a craphole.
Child: Yeah, I bet if you touched anyone in this restaurant, they would be sticky.

Tucson Arizona

Overheard by: Casey Stendahl

…Can You Hear Me Now??

Man, hitting himself in the head with cell phone: I’m not giving you your fuckin’ phone back until you fuckin’ go to your fuckin’ psychiatrist and take your fuckin’ pills!
Woman: Give me my phone.
Man: I’ll smash your phone on my head!
Woman: Give me my phone!
Man: Go to your fuckin’ psychiatrist! Get your fuckin’ pills!


And You Thought There Was an Echo in Your Bathroom.

Guy in stall #1: Hi, how are you?
Guy in stall #2: Fine. Thanks.
Guy in stall #1: So what are you up to?
Guy in stall #2: Uh, the same as you.
Guy in stall #1: Can I come over?
Guy in stall #2: What the hell? I’m a little busy right now, freak!
Guy in stall #1: Listen, let me call you back. There’s an idiot in the other stall who keeps answering my questions.

Restaurant Bathroom
Manhattan, New York


Heavily tattooed man: She got this new haircut; it’s short, but it’s kind of… awkward.
Heavily tattooed woman: Like a bowl cut?
Heavily tattooed man: No, kind of like… What’s-his-name, from Scooby Doo.
Heavily tattooed woman: Velma?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Overheard by: jira monkey