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Crime Really Doesn’t Pay

Black guy on side of street to car passing slowly in traffic: Yo, I see you, don’ need to roll ya window up, it’s just a Honda, only get three stacks for it at the chop shop. (to friends) Shit, I get in the car and have you drive to the ATM machine, pop ya in the face, get ya pin number, withdraw $500. Receipt comes out ‘insufficient funds’. Now I got to kill you.

Miami, Florida

Save That for Therapy.

Five-year-old girl to hair brush: Mommy doesn’t want me to buy you or to talk to you… That makes me sad.
Embarrassed mom: Come on sweetie, let’s go home.
(kid keeps talking to hair brush, mom yanks it away)
Mom, leaving store: Now is not the time to talk to hair brushes!

North Carolina

Overheard by: Wondering why mom was embarrassed