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Um, I’m Bri­an­na.

High school girl #1: Hey, I’m re­al­ly sor­ry for teas­ing you be­fore. I’m usu­al­ly re­al­ly sweet!
High school girl #2, mum­bling: That’s okay.
High school girl #1: Not Bri­an­na, though, she’s a to­tal bitch!

High School

Over­heard by: stuck in the bath­room stall next to you

It’s So Con­ve­nient for My Court Ap­pear­ances

Young thug #1: I’m telling you, man, if they get you for jay­walk­ing or lit­ter­ing down here, they just dis­miss it.
Young thug #2: Re­al­ly?
Young thug #1: Yeah, man, the home­less do it all the time.
Young thug #2: Man…
Young thug #1: I’m telling you. That’s why I stay down­town.

Los An­ge­les Su­pe­ri­or Court

Over­heard by: Mylin­da