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The Casi­no?

Vol­ley­ball girl: How come you have a paint­ing of a foot­ball hel­met on the wall but noth­ing for us?
Ath­let­ic train­er: I don’t know. Maybe I’ll paint some­thing for you guys.
Vol­ley­ball girl: Yeah! You should paint a whole mi­rage!

Gus­tavus Adol­phus Col­lege

The Lassie “E! True Hol­ly­wood Sto­ry” Was Too Con­tro­ver­sial for TV

40-some­thing suit: You know how some­times you can love a dog so much it’s, like, il­le­gal?
40-some­thing woman: (looks at him blankly)
40-some­thing suit: You know? So that it’s, like, il­le­gal?
40-some­thing woman, look­ing straight ahead: Umm, let’s look at Hal­loween can­dy.

Over­heard by: I love my dog, but not that much