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There Were Also Squirt Guns!

Girl to another: It was a gay bicycle riders’ party, complete with gayish celebration music and lots of champagne corks popping. And by the looks of the constant make-out and groping sessions, I’m pretty sure those bottles weren’t the only cylindrical things spewing liquids last night.

Atlanta, Georgia

Will You Put Your Hand Down My Pants?

Guy: I will get you anything you want, and I mean anything, if you walk back from lunch with your hand down my pants.
Girl: But we are already walking back from lunch, silly.
Guy: Starting now, if you walk back with your hands down my pants, I will get you anything.
Girl: Anything?

Overheard by: really?

Buying Shoes Is Your Answer to Everything.

Girl: So then I was like, “I want a otter for my birthday!“
Mom: Hmmm…
Girl: I thought it was so much more realistic than a platypus. They have poisonous heels, you know. My hand would fall off if I picked it up!
Mom: Why don’t we just buy it shoes?

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Overheard by: Elizabeth