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Like Hamburg­er Comes from the Pig Part

Eight-year-old boy to moth­er brows­ing meat counter at the gro­cery store: Mom, what’s veal?
Moth­er: It’s just an­oth­er kind of meat.
Eight-year-old boy: But what kind of an­i­mal does it come from?
Moth­er, mo­tion­ing to her chest area: Oh, I think it’s from the lamb part of the cow.


Will You Put Your Hand Down My Pants?

Guy: I will get you any­thing you want, and I mean any­thing, if you walk back from lunch with your hand down my pants.
Girl: But we are al­ready walk­ing back from lunch, sil­ly.
Guy: Start­ing now, if you walk back with your hands down my pants, I will get you any­thing.
Girl: Any­thing?

Over­heard by: re­al­ly?

Buy­ing Shoes Is Your An­swer to Every­thing.

Girl: So then I was like, “I want a ot­ter for my birth­day!“
Mom: Hm­mm…
Girl: I thought it was so much more re­al­is­tic than a platy­pus. They have poi­so­nous heels, you know. My hand would fall off if I picked it up!
Mom: Why don’t we just buy it shoes?

Min­neapo­lis, Min­neso­ta

Over­heard by: Eliz­a­beth