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Just Get One Of Your Sis­ter­wives to Help You Scrub It Out

Girl #1: Oh my god, there’s so much rust in this toi­let! Ewwww!
Girl #2: Stop be­ing so Mor­mon.

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Why Dom­i­na­trix­es Are Al­ways So Flat­u­lent

Old la­dy try­ing on clothes: I think this is too tight. (farts loud­ly) Yep, def­i­nite­ly too tight.‑think-its-just-right.html

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Let’s Just Say, I’ll Nev­er Try Shrooms Again.

Guy: Oh I’ve slept in a field be­fore. One time I slept with a sheep. I was in­ter­rupt­ed in the mid­dle of the night by a fox, though. The fox was like “grr!” and I was like “woah!”, but then I re­mem­bered that I had gar­lic bread in my bag.

An Cheathru Rua

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Any Work­ing Girl Knows That.

Crazy, over­weight French prof: Ma boîte est dans un en­droit très triste.
Stu­dent: Your box is in a sad place?
Crazy, over­weight french prof: Oui, but which box?
Stu­dent: (gig­gles)
Crazy, over­weight French prof: Box is an­oth­er word for of­fice!

Si­mon Fras­er Uni­ver­si­ty

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