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You Say That Anyway, Stephanie.

20-something girl #1: Wouldn’t it be great if that’s how you knew a guy was gay – because he cums glitter.
20-something girl #2: Haha, yeah – I’m going out tonight – cum on my face!


Overheard by: Just trying to buy some art supplies

When Super PAC Ads Backfire

Little boy at monkey exhibit: Whoa! Look at its face!
Slightly older sister: That’s his butt!

Baltimore Zoo
Baltimore, Maryland

Sounds Like an Accountant

Professor: So now the internet is used for visual works!
Student: And lolcatz.
Professor: Who’s Llowell Katz?

Boulder, Colorado

Overheard by: Janie

Here’s Cher to Explain…

Professor: Don’t get old, people. I definitely recommend against it. Of course, the alternative isn’t that great either.

Northeastern University
Boston, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Cryptic