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Why the Bible’s Endured

Kid: Mom, what’s the last supper? Why is it called ‘The Last Supper’?
Mom: Because it’s the last meal Jesus had with his disciples.
Kid: Awesome!
Mom: … Before one of his disciples betrayed him and he was killed.
Kid: Awesome!

North Haven, Connecticut

Overheard by: Johnny Utah

I Make Most of My Profit on the Overseas Release

Drunken wedding guest to videographer going from table to table: Zach*, I want to wish you and Jenny* many years of happiness, and I hope you get as much pleasure out of fucking her as I did.
Other guests at table: Erase that! Erase that!
Videographer: Are you kidding? This is like gold!

Roslyn Jewish Center
Roslyn Heights, New York

Overheard by: Big Larry