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Which Was the The­sis of My Last Bi­ol­o­gy Pa­per

Thug #1: Every­body calls that girl “Orang­utan tit­ties.“
Thug #2: What? Why?
Thug #1: She’s the one that flashed every­body back in fresh­man year at that one as­sem­bly, and her tit­ties be all pointy and shit.
Thug #2: I re­mem­ber that shit, that was pret­ty fuckin’ fun­ny.
Thug #3 (af­ter a long pause): Man, orang­utans are fuckin’ weird.
Thug #1: Yeah, mon­keys be fucked up.

MDN High School, Tempe, Ari­zona

Over­heard by: I saw this whole as­sem­bly thing, too.