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I Guess We Could Try Smok­ing Them

Teen guy: Yeah, we got like, so wast­ed!
Teen girl #1: It was great, yeah. We got so high.
Teen girl #2: Where did you guys get the al­co­hol?
Teen girl #1: What?
Teen girl #2: If you guys were get­ting high, where did you get the al­co­hol?
Teen girl #1: That’s drunk. You get high off weed.
Teen girl #2: Oh. Okay. Then, where’d you get that?
Teen guy: My sis­ter. She’s six­teen!
Teen girl #2: Can’t you get high off books?
Teen guy: What?
Teen girl #2: Cause, can’t, like…books get you high?
Teen girl #1: What?

East Van­cou­ver, BC

And Posh Ac­cents!

Kid #1: My dad is from Lon­don!
Kid #2: I want to live there. They have ghosts! And trees! And ghosts in trees!

Saint Paul, Min­neso­ta