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The Op­er­a­tive Phrase Here Is “Tried As an Adult”

Teen boy #1: Wow, she’s hot.
Teen boy #2: What? She’s, like, ten! You’re a pe­dophile!
Teen boy #1: I’m not a pe­dophile — I’m on­ly six­teen! You can’t be a pe­dophile un­til you’re eigh­teen.
Teen boy #3: That’s right — I’m the on­ly pe­dophile here.
Teen boy #4: I’m al­most a pe­dophile…

Pitts­burgh, Penn­syl­va­nia

Over­heard by: mi­kee

On My Deck

Girl #1: How do you like your place?
Girl #2: I’ve got a huge deck!
Girl #1: You were one let­ter away from mak­ing me a very hap­py woman.
Girl #2: I was one let­ter away from mak­ing my­self a very hap­py woman. If I had that, I’d go fuck my­self.

Bal­ti­more, Mary­land

Over­heard by: aoK