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Were We Ever?

Fe­male stu­dent #1: You sure you want me to feed you this ba­nana?
Fe­male stu­dent #2: Get on with it, will you?
Fe­male stu­dent #1: This thing’s pret­ty big. I would­n’t want to choke you.
Fe­male stu­dent #2: Don’t wor­ry about it. I’ve had much big­ger.
Youngish pro­fes­sor: (rais­es eye­brows)
Fe­male stu­dent #2: You think I’m kid­ding? I’ve had some pret­ty big ones. Think you can give me a big­ger one?
Youngish pro­fes­sor (blush­ing): Um, pos­si­bly.
Fe­male stu­dent #2: Well, I’d like to see that.
Fe­male stu­dent #3: Um, are we still talk­ing about ba­nanas here?

UC­SC, Cal­i­for­nia

And Should I Be Buy­ing One Im­me­di­ate­ly?

Yale po­lo play­er #1: What are all those peo­ple do­ing on old cam­pus?
Yale po­lo play­er #2: Prob­a­bly “Soc­cer for Dar­fur” or some­thing. I hate fake ac­tivism like that.
Yale po­lo play­er #3: You mean “S’­mores for Dar­fur,” right?
Yale po­lo play­er #1: I keep hear­ing that word, “Dar­fur.” What does it even mean?

Over­heard by: Over­heard at Yale

… And My Boo­gie Sense Is Tin­gling

Danc­ing la­dy, about so­ca mu­sic: Do you like this mu­sic?
Five-year-old boy: No, I don’t like mu­sic… ex­cept Spi­der-Man mu­sic.
Danc­ing la­dy: So, you don’t dance?
Five-year-old boy: No… I on­ly dance when I’m naked.

Har­bourfront, Toron­to

Over­heard by: Pan­do­ra