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America, in a Nutshell.

Man on cell: I’m getting a big beer and a bunch of donuts. (pause) Yeah, I know it’s not a good hobby, but I figured I’d just go home and get fat.

Overheard by: lachwen

Brits Love the Wolf Titties

Girl flirting with drunk guy in bar: So… you’re pretty tall. I bet you’re strong too…
Drunk guy: I appreciate the effort… but I’m pissed out of my skull. I’m trying to work out which of your two heads is talking to me… But I like your four tits.

Leamington Spa

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Next on Maury

Brunette: And then he called me back ten minutes later and told me his brother got his girlfriend pregnant, and she’s like sixteen or something.
Blonde: Is he mad his brother and his girlfriend hooked up?
Brunette: He’s got more serious issues dating a child and shit.

Kent State University
Kent, Ohio