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English teacher, on how language features are used in advertisements: So in the end, this advertisement is making all the single women of the world think “hello? I wanna be like the yoghurt!”

English Class
New Zealand

She Didn’t Try Very Hard

Eurotrash: Can we sit outside? We want to smoke.
Hostess: Sorry, the patio just closed.
Eurotrash: If I tell you you’re pretty, would you let us sit outside?
Hostess: I can’t let you do that, sir.
Eurotrash: You are very pretty.
Hostess: I’ll see what I can do.

Toronto, Ontario

Overheard by: flossy.

Lucille Ball: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Mom: But then we’ll have the baby.
Daughter: But I could play for the baby.
Mom: If you play for the baby, the baby will start crying.

Ferrell Middle School
Tampa, Florida

Overheard by: ISPgypsy