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Es­pe­cial­ly When You Use Phras­es Like “Nice­ly Fram­ing Your Pack­age”

Teen boy: You know, I re­al­ly ap­pre­ci­ate you com­pli­ment­ing my base­ball skills, but I re­al­ly don’t ap­pre­ci­ate you com­pli­ment­ing my box­er choic­es.

Over­heard by: just try­ing to get to class…

You Should See Him Pick His Teeth

Blonde in jack­et: I know this guy that to­tal­ly dis­em­bow­eled a bomb us­ing on­ly a tooth­pick.
De­mean­ing guy friend: “Dis­em­bow­eled”?
Blonde in jack­et: With noth­ing but a tooth­pick! Is­n’t that in­cred­i­ble?

St. Louis, Mis­souri

Over­heard by: Gabe